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From Gundon to Whackapulco, players have been flocking to Crime Coast to get a piece of the action. But running protection rackets, boosting henchmen out of prison and launching raids on rival cities can get a little tricky. Share your tips or hang out with your fellow gangsters here and get involved in the Crime Coast community.

About Crime Coast - Gangster's ParadiseEdit

Crime Coast - Gangster's Paradise is a ever increasingly popular game created by Pixel Squad Ltd. It is available globallyfor free since its launch in June 2015. With very unique in-game characters, from the narcissistic Thief, who will steal your heart and your wallet, both of which you'll forgive her for, to the fearless Mister Malicious, who will take on you and your mafia, single-handedly! Build your very own mafia and lead your goons to top of the leaderboards! Create your indestructible gang-hideout and defend yourself against rival mafia's, battle against thousands of players worldwide, and establish a powerful mafia with your fellow mafia members to dominate in the Mafia Wars!

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