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This game needs a lot of improvements.

This game is more innovative than most strategy video games like the addition of the roads and destroying buildings in raids that matter 'only' plus gangsters are unlocked depending on your Don. I like the fact we start off with a 2 day protection instead of 2hours. I also like the part where my homies return to me if they're still alive after a raid like Castle Clash and of course, the jokes are great. A few things I don't like is that the game does not show the amount of time needed to build a new building or bailing new gangsters and we can't see our loot during raids. There's also no 'Lieutenants/Heroes' we can use. PLUS, I got attacked while I was online waitin' 4 my gangsters to get ready. Oh, and you can't cancel a building or research upgrade once you start it and there isn't a message to confirm if you wanna speed up stuff with gold ( lost 81 gold already ).

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